Interactive Flowchart-Puzzles on multitouch tabletops

Field: Applied Research, Blended Learning
Goal: Comparing normal brainstorming lesson with lesson-enhanced paper-pencil flowcart-puzzles and technology-enhanced flowchart-puzzles
Principle: Increasing interaction possibilities for students through technology (Crook, 1994)

For my master thesis in Lyon, France, I conducted a qualitative study in the context of teaching students the ideal sequence of a brainstorming. Therefore, I developed flowchart-puzzles as an additional learning material. Additionally, several interconnected multi-touch tabletops were used as a technology-enhanced learning environment to reduce media breakes between desk and whiteboard work. The tabletops ensured that every student interacted with the application and participated at all stages of the lesson (Crook, 1994). Results indicate that students who were provided with the flowchart-puzzles and who worked during the brainstorming lesson with the interconnected tabletops showed higher learning gains than students who had no additional material or no technological support.